Optical Fiber Identifiers FI720

The FI720, part of the FI700 Series of Optical Fiber Identifiers, is the safe, economical and non-destructive way to identify live optical fibers.

Детальное изображение товара Optical Fiber Identifiers FI720

These rugged units use local detection technology, which employs a macro-bend method, eliminating the need to open the fiber at the splice point for identification.

All models detect continuous wave, live optical transmission and low frequency modulated tones at 270 Hz, 1 kHz, and 2 kHz. The presence of traffic, the direction of the transmission and modulated tones on the fiber are indicated by LEDs. In addition, the FI720 models measure the fiber's relative power and displays the reading on a two-digit, seven-segment LED. This allows for measurement of power loss through a splice or connector.

Расстояние от 0 до 40 dBm
Вносимые потери при подключении <0.5 dB
Спектральный отклик от 800 до 1700 нм
Приемник оптического тона 270, 1 and 2 kHz
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Спецификация на английском FI720 25.06.2008